Shadows of the Past - A Dark Sun Campaign

Back to the Past for the Future? Something sinister?

After stopping the Dray from destroying the Chronosphage in the Sage’s Lighthouse and securing the ritual whereby to activate the portal, the company has come to a crossroads. Do they take this information back to the Veiled Alliance, leave it in their hands, and continue on to find Malygos before he fully recuperates? Do they take the information back to the Oba and let her determine what to do with it? Can she be fully trusted or is there still some sense of caution in dealing with her as she is still a Sorcerer Queen after all? Do they attempt to activate the portal themselves and hope to hit the right time to raise the Thri-Kreen army themselves to bring back to fight Malygos and his followers?

While considering these questions amongst themselves in the Thespian House in Balic, the company find themselves approached by a member of the VA. “Greetings my friends. My name is Geneveve. Hollycaryn has asked me to find. We have intercepted some distressing news from Gulg and fear that something sinister has occurred there. Details are sketchy, but it appears that the Oba has sealed entry/exit to Gulg and no one knows why. As we have been working covertly with her, this comes as a shock to us as we had no idea something might have been happening. Can you investigate? You’ll of course need to be as discreet as possible, and be able to find a way into Gulg, but I would imagine it won’t be too difficult given your exploits thus far.”


Sheesh, always with the emergency missions from Hollycaryn.

“So, nobody in or out of the city? Sounds like something bad happened inside and they don’t want the information to get out. Is this related to the events at the Chronosphage?”


Geneveve responds, “We do not know if it is related to the Chronosphage or not. All we know is that Gulg was suddenly put on lock down and what little word has managed to come out seems to indicate the Oba gave this order via her nganga (templars) rather than issuing an order herself.”


“I don’t like this,” Casmari declares, stamping her staff into the ground for emphasis. “One. Bit. Why would the Oba suddenly close off the city and cease talking to the Veiled Alliance? Especially given the gravity of what we’re risking our necks for? Something smells putrid, and we’re going to be the ones who step in it!”

The tiefling fumes silently for a moment, contemplating. “I suppose there’s nothing to be done for it. The Oba is too heavily in play for us to ignore the situation completely. There’s also the matter of our pay.” Casmari glances at Wil’Moz before continuing. “Getting into Gulg with the city under lockdown is no small feat. I have heard of ritual magic that creates holes in solid rock or allows teleportation, though I know none of them myself, and in truth, they may be beyond my ability. That might be something to at least research.”


Assuming you are all having this discussion while in the company of Hollycaryn, she interjects, “If I may…you recall your efforts to restore trade between Gulg and Judobu, yes? The underground spring that helps feed Gulg also contains passages, nay, more a labyrinth that leads back to the main spring beneath Gulg. I have heard is a treacherous journey wrought with danger and peril to any who attempt it. I have never heard of anyone making that trek, but it might be the only way to get into Gulg if the city gates are closed off.” As she is saying this, a messenger enters and states that the guards and templars of Gulg have set a three mile radius barrier around Gulg. She continues, “Well, that settles that. Unless you have another idea of how to get in.”


“I’ve traveled through caverns before with … um… products that could be damaged by long term exposure to the desert. Usually, there is plenty of water, but also some monsters I’m not used to scaring off. A three mile radius means the guards will be spread pretty thin. Perhaps under the cover of night we could sneak through. Does anyone have anything that would help us do that?

“The best option would be a magic teleportation; barring that, the caves—a caravan in tow—seem like a reasonable option. And then we can always turn around and try to sneak past the guards.”


The messenger looks back at Wil’moz, “I think you misinterpret my meaning of a barrier. There is an elemental barrier along with guards and templars. It is as if the winds themselves are pushing outward from Gulg preventing entry and exit. An ominous thing to see, for sure.”


“Magic teleportation requires a teleportation circle. Even if I knew the ritual required and the location of a circle inside Gulg, I imagine it wouldn’t be a welcoming spot. Likely among the Templar’s campus or the palace itself. Unless…” Casmari turns her gaze to Hollycaryn, “The Veiled Alliance has a presence in Gulg and I imagine they have reason to come and go unseen. Maybe you know of a…private…circle we could make use of?”


Hollycaryn returns Casmari’s gaze, “The Veiled Alliance moves in shadow and does not make use of the arcane arts for travel so as to keep our movements unseen and undetected. You are correct in thinking any circle that might exist would not be in a welcoming area greeted with any kindness regardless of relationship with the Oba.” Insert railroading DM hand here. ;)


“To the tunnels it is! I know you all arent prepared for above ground travel what about underground? Who needs provisions? Only carry enough water to fresh water should be in abundance. But half the monsters of Athas will be drawn to those caverns. Hollycaryn, is it possible to acquire the ritual Dark Light and what kind of monsters have you heard of underground?” Charles are there any checks you would like us to make for special preparations and knowledge of underground hazards? Do we have any character housekeeping? Has that Phantom Steed ritual become available yet? I have a few others you want me to send you an email or on here?


We’ll take care of the preparation checks when we start. The phantom steed ritual can be obtained, but it will cost 2.5 times what the market value is for it due to needing to keep its procurement under wraps. Send any other questions you have to me via email.


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